About success

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In terms of fashion, lately we find that most people have given strong with the pursuit of happiness. They say that to achieve such a desired state, it is essential to leave your comfort zone. You see people running around like headless chicken trying to find it, especially the Millenial segment. You must be happy or die in the attempt and it is important that your followers of Instagram are testimonies of this process until you can seem happy, whether you are or not.

It's great that it's fashionable, do not misunderstand us. The problem is in the social pressure that is exerted to get to this precious state, as well as in the definition of it.

Many companies have already hastened to sell their own definition. And you will not believe it but, coincidentally, it always includes the use of your product. If we add to this fact the speed of change to which we are constantly exposed, we have as a result an obsession that seeks to achieve happiness as success at all costs. Although obsession and happiness, they have quite antagonistic definitions.

It is true that when you study and dedicate yourself to the beautiful job of accompanying other people towards the achievement of their success, you see yourself with the obligation to read and study a lot. It is at that moment when you understand all the philosophy and science that lies behind the synthesis of the synthesis of "the success of a person is to achieve happiness". And you discover that you are far from using that product that you were sold with almost magical properties, living according to the teachings of therapists, coach or deified gurus and, much less, living behind the virtual window of any social network.

Because it should only reside in the own experimentation, in the own evolution. Sometimes accompanied by someone to help you sort the information, to contrast it without losing the power of your actions.

In our case, life with horses allowed us to find a way to order 20 years of stubborn personal transformation. Identify each of the perceptions and calibrate the intensity of feelings in a process of full consciousness that brought us closer to the true comfort zone: Our own well-being. It is an adaptive perception that forces you to be permanently working on your cognitive development, to listen to you and to take yourself seriously. Without it becoming an obsession.

It is in knowing how to find our own well-being at every moment of our life where, according to our criterion slightly influenced by stoicism, lies the success of each person.