Natural Horsemanship in Barcelona, Spain

Equine behaviorist:
Workshops & courses about Horsemanship  

We exclusively work with the own language of the horse, analysing his behaviour and recreating a totally natural dynamics for them. We avoid the classic methods of punishment or submission.

Natural Horsemanship is a technique to build a natural communication process with your horse but it is also a lifestyle by itself.
Our commitment is to transfer the horse into a state of relaxation, creating a confident relationship to start the learning project. This amazing process concludes with efficient and sustained results.  

Launch your heart first and your horse will jump the fence.
Many people give up before facing obstacles. They are those who have not first launched his heart.
— Noel Clarasó

Our services


Door-to-door visits

There are not proven truth in the equine world. What we can do is to share with you our expertise and knowledge about horses. Together, we can analyse and transform maladaptive behaviours like bits, kicks, desensitization, fear, and stress…

The first step is to discard any physical pain, jointly with a familiar veterinary. Then, we are ready to start the process from the basement, getting confidence with the horse without submission or punishments.


Natural Horsemanship workshops

All equine disciplines could be trained by Natural Horsemanship technics. Learning the bases to improve the relationship with your horse as efficient and sustained work.

Our commitment is far to correct your positions riding the horse, or teaches you about technical equestrian issues. We are focused on your natural relationship with the horse to gain what you desire.


Are you fascinated about equine world and want a horse?

Are you fascinated about equine world and want a horse?

Throughout a horse’s life, many things occur and some are related with traumas. This is the reason why we encourage you to give a second opportunity to a horse, the best outcome for them.

If you became fan to this fascinating world, we help you to rescue a horse that need from you. We will help both of you to build a nice relationship.