Take part in fun games to learn about horses

Take part in fun games to learn about horses

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Learn about Natural Horsemanship games while interacting with a horse in an unconventional way. You will discover how this animal reacts and feels the intentions you want to transmit.

Are you able to communicate without words? Just how we manage our inner energy and power take place on this activity.

How we manage our inner energy and power take place in this activity. Train your most instinctive areas of your brain and learn about how you can use it to transmit what you really want.

This is a safe and fun experience for everyone, regardless of previous knowledge of the equestrian world. 



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We exclusively work with the own language of the horse, analysing behaviour and recreating totally natural dynamics for them. We avoid the conventional methods of punishment or submission.
Natural Horsemanship is not just a technique to build a natural communication process with your horse but it is also a lifestyle by itself.

Our horses are live naturally. They walk over almost 1.000 square metres (0,2 acres), barefoot and eat fresh fodder.


  • You will live a really unique experience about the world of horses.
  • Discover wellbeing senses through the horse and surrounded by nature. 
  • Introduce you to Horsemanship lifestyle.
  • Enjoy the natural games of the horses in a completely private experience.
  • Learn together with the horse without ride them.


What a better pleasure than to meet locals around a table sharing their customs and food. Our own garden, together with local farmers produce, allows us to cook with fresh and organic food for a perfect “farm to table” experience.
Far to be a restaurant, it is with a great pleasure we offer you this upgrade for your horsemanship experience.

  • Appetizer includes (15€):  A piece of fresh fruit, local charcuterie and soft drinks or fresh juices.
  • Lunch includes (25€): Two courses with local and organic ingredients, soft drink (wine is available à la carte). Please, let us know any allergies or preferences in your reservation.


  • Introduction to the Horsemanship lifestyle.
  • First approach to the horse and desensitization according your previous knowledge.
  • First games in order to familiarize and learn about your relation with the horse. Available to all levels.
  • You might ride the horse with bitless bridle, just in case the facilitator recommend it.
  • If you have booked some gastronomy upgrade, we will finalize the experience at porch, or living room.
    In case you will enjoy the lunch, it is available a shower with full amenities before lunch.