A complete day at our Ranch: Bitless riding tour on horseback

A complete day at our Ranch: Bitless riding tour on horseback

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Go one step further! With this experience you will learn the basics of Natural Horsemanship according to your riding level.
The goal is to ride, in a more natural way: Bitless riding. This offers an amazing, safe and life-long memorable experience to play like a child enjoying nature, in a way you probably have never imagined before.

You can choose a full day experience, including a picnic during the tour. 

This is a full day safe and fun experience for everyone, regardless of previous knowledge of the equestrian world.


We will confirm you the date by telephone or email

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We exclusively work with the own language of the horse, analysing behaviour and recreating totally natural dynamics for them. We avoid the conventional methods of punishment or submission.
Natural Horsemanship is not just a technique to build a natural communication process with your horse but it is also a lifestyle by itself.

Our horses are live naturally. They walk over almost 1.000 square metres (0,2 acres), barefoot and eat fresh fodder.


  • You will live a really unique experience about the world of horses.
  • Discover wellbeing senses through the horse and surrounded by nature. 
  • Introduce you to Horsemanship lifestyle.
  • Enjoy the natural games of the horses in a completely private experience to create a strong relationship.
  • Learn together with the horse riding bitless


What a better pleasure than enjoy a on-route picnic surrounded by nature, including a piece of fresh fruit, local charcuterie and soft drinks or fresh juices.


  • Introduction to the Horsemanship lifestyle.
  • First approach to the horse and desensitization according your previous knowledge.
  • First games in order to familiarize and learn about your relation with the horse. Available to all levels.
  • Picnic
  • You will learn how to manage your inner energy to feel comfortable riding bitless.
  • The tour will be designed according your previous riding experience. 
  • It is available a shower with full amenities before the tour.