Local and Mediterranean culinary workshop Experience

Local and Mediterranean culinary workshop Experience

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What a better pleasure than to meet locals around a table sharing their customs and food. Our own garden, together with local farmers produce, allows us to cook with fresh and organic food for a perfect “farm to table” experience.

What about combining a day-off on a ranch, enjoying by nature and horses, and attending a culinary workshop together with Elisabet and Marc? Or, maybe you just prefer a tasty lunch after your activity with a horse - you can book this option as upgrade on the Horsemanship experience. Just choose whatever you prefer.

This experience lasts a half-day (4-5 hours approx.). We can organize the transfer on your behalf, it is not included. 

Pairing wine:

We will confirm you the date by telephone or email

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We only use organic and fresh products from our own garden (not always available because it is a seasonal garden) and ingredients from local farmers and small producers from our region.

Far to be a restaurant, it is with a great pleasure we host you at our home to enjoy this private gastronomic and culinary experience. We will welcome you to our home, following our passion and background at Michelin Starred restaurants.

The menus is made according the season, your preferences and intolerances. Please, let us know these information. 

Wine tasting with an awarded amateur sommelier

In vino veritas! Wine - a pleasure for the ancient Gods, a passion for the few and a journey of senses for most. Join Marc (Winner of Eurotrophées Junior contest, category wine pairing; Paris 2007) in his passion for wine.

Choose between a wine tasting to pair your lunch or just the perfect single-wine for your lunch.


  • Introduction about the Mediterranean ingredients.
  • A walking tour over our Mediterranean land to identify some classic and basic herbs of our gastronomy.
  • Culinary workshop to learn about a recipe.
  • Lunch at our porch or living room with fireplace. The lunch include: Appetizers, main course (according the workshop recipe) and dessert.
  • Water and soft drinks. You can include a pairing wine for your lunch or choose a bottle à la carte.