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I’m passionate about human development, nature, gastronomy, wine and also natural riding. I have had a life marked by learning, based on forgiveness and love, in order to escape hatred towards those who gave me life.

My beginnings were as a competition swimmer at the age of eight years, winning rankings in several national championships.

I began to gain experience in management, development of business strategies and marketing.Working on different projects with a multinational certification.

After a second vital event that marked a before and after in my life, I capitalized on that experience, advising small family businesses, specifically in the hospitality and luxury sectors, as an interim manager.

Later, in 2013, I obtained an Executive MBA in EAE BS-UPC and co-founded a company specialized in cultural and leisure offering medium to high-end experiences in Spain. I am currently leading the company with my partner.

In parallel, I have lectured on the progress of sustainability and the innovation of products in luxury hotels.


I’m an enthusiast of the human mind and its operation. For that reason, psychology has always been my vocation.

At the beginning of my professional career, I was very interested in understanding the psychology within organizations so I decided to start in human resources as a selection technician.

I continued as a fellow at Carrefour Spain. My dedication led me to have the opportunity to act as head of two centres, a total of 400 people. I had far exceeded my initial goal.

My vocation for psychology surfaced again and I realized that seeing people as numbers was far from what makes me feel good.

Two years ago, I got out of my comfort zone and, joining my two great passions: horses and psychology.

Together with my partner, we started Virtud.It’s a project focused on people who want to achieve a greater well-being, making the most oftheir strengths.

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