What do you want to improve in your life?

Do you work only to pay bills?
Whether you are an entrepreneur, a manager
or you are looking to start business; the path to find your purpose and never return simply working
starts here.

Begin your true well-being, without shortcuts. Get away from fear and allow yourself to live a life full of nuances that depend of you, and only you.

How Did we get here?

We are Elisabet and Marc.

There are two great moments in our life. The first is when we were born. The second is when we discover who we really are, what is our purpose.
Learning how to eliminate anxiety and manage stress is the key to begin a new life.

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Our clients

“Learning to live at 42.”

Sandra R.
Sandra R. Individual program, own horse

“In order to make a change in your life, you first need to want to make it happen and the second is to call Virtud. The process I am doing would have been impossible just a month ago. I am rediscovering, changing, growing and, for that, I only have words of gratitude towards Eli and Marc. The process is not easy, like for any change, but with them it is possible. Their experience and knowledge make you feel accompanied and understood at all times. Thank you so much for having entered my life.”

Cristina L.
Individual program

“I contacted Virtud for specific work issues: responsibility and pressure were blocking me and I could not think clearly; all I wanted was to run away. Right from the initial diagnosis, they already made me see that I had unconscious behaviours of a victim, in different areas of my life.
The intense work with Eli and Marc has been a very important awareness process that has allowed me to find tools to manage daily anxiety situations. Today, I am happy because I live with the intensity I wanted and I know that I will always find a way to solve the unforeseen events that life has in store for me.”

Sergi R.
Professional program


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