Evolutionary developmental therapy in Barcelona.
Depth psychology and human development

Discover the road to accomplish the personal success


Our psychological methodology is focused on each phase of the human development, it is recognized as evolutionary psychology by Erik Erikson. As well we study the theories of Carl G. Jung about mental energy management and the influence of the unconscious.

We analyse the past experiences in your life to understand how we can unlock your full potential to consequently guarantee your current and future wellbeing.

We assist you to identify the elements that are obstructing your appropriate development, helping you to take advantage of your virtues.It works on private sessions of psychology, inserting some dynamics with our horses.
It allows you to identify and to feel a wide variety of sensations, capacitating you to export these on your daily life.

We come along with kids, teenagers and adults to build cognitive solid basements. We develop their capabilities to learn together about the best practices to transform your debilities into hard behaviours, executed with totally self-confidence.

We assist private and corporate clientele; people who want to unlock their potential and take full advantage of their virtues.


When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves.
— Víctor E. Frankl